1. Course Description and Terms

  • For practical information about this course, please refer to this document
  • Objective: develop a fundamental and comprehensive knowledge of astrodynamics
  • Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
    • Understand the key features of common satellite orbits
    • Develop a detailed knowledge of the two-body problem
    • Calculate orbital parameters of satellites
    • Estimate orbit perturbations and their effects
    • Design maneuvers to accomplish desired change of orbit
    • Design interplanetary trajectories
    • Solve basic orbital mechanics problems using Matlab
    • Understand high-fidelity orbital propagations

2. Slides


Introduction (pdf)

Two-body problem (pdf)

The orbit in space (pdf)

The orbit in time (pdf)

Dominant perturbations (pdf)

Analytical and numerical propogation (pdf)

Orbital maneuvers (pdf1), (pdf2)

Interplanetary transfers (pdf)

Small bodies exploration (pdf)



3. Assigned project

  • High-fidelity orbital propagation in Matlab. (pdf)

4. Examples of questions (oral exam)

5. Further reading













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